Symbioosi I Symbios I Symbiosis, Bothnia Biennale 2016,
Seinäjoki Art Hall / Seinäjoen taidehalli, Seinäjoki, Finland

Installation and action: consists of flags and photographs printed on flag canvas. The fan blowing to the flags is powered by solar energy from solar panels up on the roof of Seinäjoki Art Hall. The monitor shows live images from the roof and the exhibition space and also an image from Hanhikivi.

Sun / Sun is shining down, down on me / It’s beautiful and I’m finally free / The backside of my head touch the grass / Not once, today, no way I’ll move my ass / And I see the birds fly low / oh, in a row over me / It should be so easy / to let go / but I feel bored / Fish are in the water, I see them dance / Let’s all seize the day, let’s take a glance / But If my arms are stuck, I can’t hold you back / from scratching me red / And I don’t need to feel anything so why does it? sting in my head / Sun is going down with me (Kode Maya)

The construction of the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant in Pyhäjoki (Northern Ostrobothnia) is a big concern. More obvious issues are safety, radioactive waste disposal and possible ecological complications for the northern parts of the Baltic Sea. The various mishaps that have occurred in the early stages of getting the permissions for the power plant, as well as the funding and engineering by the Russian state owned company “Rosatom” (Rosatom Overseas), are things that should have caused a bigger stir than it has among the Finnish population.

Supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland
With special thanks to Ab Wifotek Oy, Mauritz Ketola, Folke West

Sara Braun & Kazuma Glen Motomura, MR GREEN, performance/dance piece, 2016
MR GREEN is seen at the opening of the Bothnia Biennale. In their dance/performance piece, MR GREEN, Sara and Kazuma deal with feelings of apathy and not having your voice heard, as well as the “greenwashing” pro-nuclear tactics that the nuclear power industry uses to get their way.